My art and writing explore and provide analysis on the history, culture, and radical ideas of the under-documented and persecuted: peasants, pirates, slaves, sailors, beggars, smugglers, bandits, vagabonds, reivers, thieves, witches, artisans, religious heretics, jesters, fools, drovers, and weavers. I also apply an investigative lens on pilgrimage, carnival, and the cultural reformation. 

I attempt to gain an understanding of the effect pandemics, famines, enclosure acts, sumptuary, vagrancy & labour laws, and other authoritarian reigns of terror (culminating in the 'Great Confinement') had on lower class people, their culture and communities; and how radical and heretical sects displayed various acts of resistance to counter this oppression throughout the centuries and across the world.

Every century has life-changing turning points, but the 14th century is particularly important in respect of this oppression and catastrophe as it's when the previously fractured idea of class consciousness evolved into a more solid concept, made evident by the bursts of resistance which became more frequent in following centuries, and on a more nationwide rather than provincial scale, becoming a significant and symbolic moment in lower class history.