The Underclass, Underculture  & History From Below

Selected Research Material


Outlaws Of The Atlantic - Marcus Rediker. 


Image On The Edge: The Margins Of Medieval Art - Michael Camille. 


Pirate Utopias: European Renegadoes & Moorish Corsairs - Peter Lamborn Wilson. 


The Great Mortality: An Intimate History Of The Black Death - John Kelly. 


Subculture: A Meaning Of Style - Dick Hebdige. 


Sold As A Slave - Oluadah Equiano


The Black Jacobins - C. L. R. James. 


Bomb Culture - Jeff Nuttal. 


Stop Thief!: The Commons, Enclosures & Resistance - Peter Linebaugh. 


The Knife Man: Blood, Body-Snatching & The Birth Of Modern Surgery - Wendy Moore. 


Life Under The Jolly Roger: Reflections On Golden Age Piracy - Gabriel Kuhn. 


The Medieval Machine: The Industrial Revolution Of The Middle Ages - Jean Gimpel. 


Peasant Fires: The Drummer Of Niklashausen - Richard Wanderli. 


Homo Ludens: A Study Of The Play-Element In Culture - Johan Huizinga. 


Inquisition - Toby Green. 


The Famine Plot - Tim Pat Coogan. 


Caliban & The Witch: Women, The Body & Primitive Accumulation - Silvia Federici. 


Chronicles - Froissart. 


Europe & The People Without History - Eric Wolf. 


The Slave Ship: A Human History - Marcus Rediker. 


The World Turned Upside Down - Christopher Hill. 


Liberty Against The Law - Christopher Hill. 


Reformation To Industrial Revolution 1530-1780 - Christopher Hill. 


Pursuit Of The Millennium: Revolutionary Millenarians & Mystical Anarchists Of The Middle Ages - Norman Cohn. 


Pirates Of Barbary - Adrian Tinniswood. 


The Buccaneers Of America - Alexander O. Exquemelin. 


Primitive Rebels - Eric Hobsbawm. 


The Long Revolution - Raymond Williams. 


Europe's Inner Demons: The Demonisation Of Christians In Medieval Christendom - Norman Cohn. 


Vanished Kingdoms: The History Of Half-Forgotten Europe - Norman Davies. 


Necropolis: London And Its Dead - Catherine Arnold. 


Bedlam: London And Its Mad - Catherine Arnold. 


The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners & The Hidden History Of The Revolutionary Atlantic - Peter Linebaugh & Marcus Rediker. 


A Time To Dance, A Time To Die: The Extraordinary Story Of The Dancing Plague Of 1518 - John Waller. 


Scotland's Black Death - Karen Jillings. 


Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave - Frederick Douglass. 


Fools & Jesters At The English Court - John Southworth.


Infancy & History - Giorgio Agamben. 


The Politics Of Carnival: Festive Misrule In Medieval England - Chris Humphrey. 


Rabelais & His World - Mikhail Bakhtin.